Chilton Meadows Day Nursery comprises of three areas including a seperate Baby Room. 

This is how our nursery is organised: 

"Baby Room" - for ages 0 months - crawling/ toddling 
At Chilton Meadows we understand that babies are very special and demand an abundance of loving care and attention.

Our spacious, secure baby room equipped with dedicated and professional staff provides a safe and devoted environment, combining stimulation with relaxation. Our room range is determined by the child if we feel they will benifit by moving next door, with the parent / carers concent.

"Ducklings Room" - for ages crawling/walking  - 24 months
We have also provided a fun and challenging environment with creative interior design. The under 2’s room is fully equipped to meet the needs of our newly mobile little people.

All staff working with the under twos are qualified and experienced, in working with under twos. As with all of our staff, they are dedicated professionals. A developmentally appropriate curriculum is planned to cater for the unique needs of the child.

"Puddle Duck Room"
- for ages 24 months - 60 months
This is the base room for the 2-5 year olds, who, as a part of their curriculum, will have access to both the quieter activities and more active areas such as IT, Sand/ Water and Messy play.

In this area all activities offered and work undertaken will be planned in conjunction The Early Years Foundation Stage Guidelines. 

A curriculum to extend and enhance all areas of learning will be offered. Each unit of work will have a ‘theme’ and all activities will be linked to this to provide a full and varied appropriate curriculum. This provision will allow the children to access their learning while they have fun and play.

Full information on our curriculum is available upon request; a copy of the planning for each area is displayed on the parents’ notice board. 

Key Person and Team:
When your child starts nursery they will be assigned to a key person,

Your Key person will build a close relationship with both child and family and monitor the child’s progress throughout the nursery. Through this monitoring of developmental progress the key person will be able to plan activities appropriate to the individual child’s need.

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