Our Policies and Staff Ratios

Chilton Meadow Day Nursery's Policies 

We are committed to having a very positive equality of opportunity approach. Our whole ethos is based on mutual respect.
All children and adults will be encouraged to learn, enjoy and respect other traditions, cultures and beliefs.

All of our policies and procedures detailing how our nursery operates have been passed by the OFSTED Early Years Registration and Inspection Team. A full copy of each of the policies is available to view at any time. The policy file is available from the reception desk.

Equal Opportunity 

  The Nursery environment has been planned to ensure that all children and adults are able to access all areas. All nursery activities are made accessible to all children. 


  Our staff team is dedicated experienced and qualified in all aspects of childcare. All of our staff are constantly updating and extending their training. All staff have OFSTED clearance and have had police and health checks before recruitment and all qualifications and references are verified. 

All staff are qualified in first aid many have areas of expertise such as, working with children under 2, working with children who have special needs, managing challenging behaviour, working with children who have speech and language difficult difficulties and working with child protection issues. 

Staff Ratios 

 At Chilton Meadows Day Nursery we fully comply with the recommendations of the children Act 1989, and adhere to the recommended staff/child ratios.

0 – 2 years: 1 staff member to 3 children
2 – 4 years: 1 staff member to 4 children
4 – 5 years: 1 staff member to 8 children 

Protecting Children 

As professional childcare practitioners it is our duty to be aware of all aspects of child protection and to report any concerns we have to Sunderland Safeguarding Board following their procedures. It is also our duty to make parents aware of this. The full Child Protection Policy is available upon request..

Data Protection Act 

  The Nursery will comply fully with Date Protection Act; we will respect the privacy of all families. Parents will have access to their child’s file at any time.  

Parents as Partners 

  We intend to have a partnership of care with our children’s parents, to foster this we will;

  • Welcome and encourage parents visiting the nursery at anytime
  • We will encourage parents to share relevant information with us
  • We have a parents notice board in the reception area
  • Full policy documents on all aspects of nursery provision will be available for all parents to view
  • Daily reports via home nursery diary for the younger children, on activities, meals, naps, and nappies etc.
  • A summary of the long term and weekly planning will be displayed and verbal or written feedback on the day’s events can be arranged.
  • Weekly menus will be displayed on the parents notice board, or will be available upon request
  • Parents will be involved in the evaluation of the parental partnership arrangements.

Any problems or grievances should be immediately brought to the attention of the manager, or in her absence the deputy manager, who will endeavour to resolve the problem immediately, or give a time limit in which the problem will be resolved. If any problem is not able to be resolved in this way, parents are able to make a complaint direct to the OFSTED Early Year’s team.
Health & Safety 

  All staff will have risk assessment training, and will be actively involved in regular risk assessment of nursery.

Children will be supervised at ALL times. Any visitor s to nursery will be supervised at all times. Regular Fire Drills will be carried out. Any adult other than the regular person collecting a child from nursery will be required to use the pre arranged password system.

All staff will have regularly updated First Aid Training

  Children will be encouraged to only have their dummies if they are tired or upset, dummies otherwise will be kept in a separate named sterilising containing until needed or until home time. 

Emergency Procedures 

  All staff have had emergency evacuation training, a fire drill is practised at very regular intervals in order for the staff and children to become adept at this procedure. 

In the vent of an evacuation being needed and re-entry to the nursery not being possible, an arrangement has been made with the church opposite, where we will have temporary accommodation until such times as all parents are contacted and able to collect their children. Emergency evacuation producers are posted on the walls of each unit room in this nursery. 

Heating Failure 

  In the unlikely event of a heating failure, and the nursery being too cold for the children, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their children, parents will be contacted by telephone when the problem is resolved. 

Lighting Failure 

  In the unlikely event of lighting failure, the lighting system has emergency back up, if the nursery is too dark to operate safely, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their children. Parents will be contacted by telephone when the problem is resolved. 

Head Lice 

  If head lice are noticed on a child’s head, their parents will be informed when they collect the child and asked to use a treatment before the child returns to nursery. 


  If your child is unwell, please keep them at home; please telephone us to let us know, we are always concerned.
If your child has an infectious illness we would ask you to keep them away from nursery until they are well again, this is for the benefit of all concerned.
Children suffering from sickness and diarrhoea must NOT return to nursery until at least 24 hours after the last bout of sickness and diarrhoea and they are eating normally.

If your child becomes ill at nursery, every effort will be made to contact you, if this is not possible, we will call one of the emergency numbers on your child’s information.
If this is not possible we will allow the child to rest quietly, if we feel it necessary a doctor will be called. If the child is regressing quickly, we will call for medical assistance and contact the parents as soon as possible.
Medication that has been prescribed for your child can be administered at nursery if parents complete the consent form and sign the medication records each day.  

At Chilton Meadows we have an ethos of mutual respect, The unacceptable behaviour of any child will be dealt with in a way that respect the child’s individual level of understanding and maturity.
It will always be made clear to the child that it is the behaviour that is unacceptable and causing the problem not the child itself.
A period of time out will be used, the child will be encouraged to try to understand how the unacceptable behaviour has made other people feel. 

Food and Drink 

  We have worked along with our cook to plan menus for your child that will offer a tasty, wide and varied diet. All children will be encouraged to try a little of each new food. Staff will eat with the children and provide positive role models. Meal times will be used as a time of social interaction, when and where appropriate children will be encouraged to serve themselves to foster independence. Any children who do not have a nursery cooked lunch will still eat along with all the adults and children.

Any special dietary requirements can be catered for.  


  As children develop they will be encouraged in their toilet training, we ask parents not to dress children in clothes that might hinder this development, and vital seconds can be lost fiddling with difficult catches or belts. As accidents happen form time to time, we would ask parent to supply a spare set of clothing, just in case. 

Please remember not to dress children in ‘best’ clothes;
aprons are worn for creative activities but things can still get a bit messy.

Any information not covered, or any other questions you might have please feel to ask of the nursery staff. 

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